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Risk Management

  • Safeguarding money and assets
  • Protecting the family's future
  • Determining how much insurance is enough

Cash Management

  • Creating better cash flow
  • Understanding budgets
  • Managing debt
  • Building net worth

Investment Concepts

  • Assessing investment risk tolerance
  • Avoiding common investment mistakes
  • Reviewing investment options
  • Balancing volatility and stability
  • Funding a college education

Tax Management

  • Assessing a tax liability
  • Using tax-favored strategies to keep more income rather than giving it to Uncle Sam
  • Understanding the benefits of tax-deferred, tax-exempt, and tax-reduction strategies

Retirement Planning

  • Calculating the cost of retirement
  • Evaluating various sources of income
  • Utilizing retirement savings programs
  • Selecting appropriate investments
  • Preparing for a more comfortable retirement
  • Avoiding penalties on retirement plan distributions and rollovers

Estate Conservation

  • Preserving more of an estate for heirs
  • Keeping an estate out of probate
  • Finding ways to help reduce estate taxes
  • Benefitting from trusts and charitable giving strategies

Employers Benefits

  • Increases participation in benefit programs
  • Results in positive impact on employee morale and productivity
  • Helps reduce costs associated with employees' personal financial problems, such as absenteeism
  • Becomes a valuable recruiting and retention tool
  • Encourages a culture of self-reliance and increases support for company values
  • Helps meet regulatory guidelines and reduce ERISA-related liability

Employees Benefits

  • Improves overall financial well-being
  • Shows importance of saving for retirement
  • Increases confidence in making financial decisions
  • Improves knowledge of fundamental investing strategies and how to pay for a child's college education
  • Helps improve understanding of, participation in, and appreciation of employee-sponsored benefits
  • Encourages a focus on developing an overall lifetime financial program

We provide workshops on a fee basis insuring your employees or members an educational experience free from any marketing or selling.

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