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"Empowering you for success"


Myself, along with prominent guest speakers have a goal to lecture at corporations and other organizations on self improvement, relationship building, and sales skills.

Currently our society is experiencing a paradigm shift due to fast moving changes in communicating through technology. As a result of this people skills are suffering due to the birth of social media.

Selling skills are almost a lost art due to communicating through texting and emailing as opposed to face to face human interacting. It is my goal to educate people of all ages in the skills and approaches that helped build successful companies and helped individuals harness their true potential.

We all have the power to do great things and tap into our full potential and it is our goal to give you the tools for success in your business and personal life.

Empower ( ) You

A professional consortium of individuals focused on self-improvement skills and engaging conversation to benefit the members.
This is not a networking group but rather a think tank to empower the group to achieve success in their business and personal life.




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Lee's book WITHIN REACH: Success in your Business and Personal Life, has a 5 star rating with both and Barnes &

This review is from: WITHIN REACH: Success in your Business and Personal Life (Paperback):

- 5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, By Adam Hauck.

This book is one of the best investments I've made. Lee Berlin's writing style is superb and his ideas are invigorating. This book will help anyone to balance work, happiness, success, and love in their life.

While most in the genre simply regurgitate stale ideas, "Within Reach" manages to provide a fresh outlook on the keys to happiness. A must read for anyone wishing to lead a richer, more fulfilling life.

- 5.0 out of 5 stars Great book for anyone! By Scott Sandinon.

This is an excellent book for anyone looking to improve their outlook on life. The author provides insight into the ways in which we can better ourselves in the business world and feel good about doing it.

The perspective one gains from the book makes it a real page-turner and a quick read. Berlin uses candid language and thought provoking scenarios that engage the reader and really make you feel like he's talking to you directly. This is the kind of book that everyone should read. Follow Lee's advice and you'll find yourself happier and more successful in everything that you do - at work or at home. I would highly recommend this book to a friend, especially someone who's about to start a new job or is dissatisfied with the way things are going.



We provide workshops on a fee basis insuring your employees or members an educational experience free from any marketing or selling.

Fee Structure:

$150 for one hour Seminar or Workshop

$500 for 1/2 day Workshop

$750 for full day Workshop

Free for nonprofits and charities.


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